Rare and Exotic Jewelry
The Pat Saling Jewel Collection

The Pat Saling Jewel Collection is a source for some of the most daring and original fine jewelry of the past. The fabulous collection offers a broad selection of magnificent, one-of-a-kind pieces from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries including Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Retro and Mid-Century periods. The company is especially devoted to the French Art Deco era and features many original masterworks by the incomparable René Boivin and Suzanne Belperron. The luxurious designer jewels in The Pat Saling Jewel Collection continue to resonate aesthetically with contemporary fashion and culture. Pat Saling’s unique vision moves the collection forward into the future with ever-expanding new acquisitions.

Pat’s knowledge and appreciation of timeless artistry and beauty are reflected in her selection and celebration of these legendary jewel masterpieces.

For more than three decades, connoisseurs have trusted Pat Saling for her flawless taste, historical insight and discerning judgment. She began her career with the legendary Fred Leighton, overseeing the sales of storied jewels and serving a clientele of celebrities, wealthy collectors and heads of state. Since opening The Pat Saling Jewel Collection in 2002, she has continued to travel the world in search of rare and exquisite jewelry. Along the way, she has formed many lasting friendships, uncovered countless hidden treasures and earned a reputation for impeccable integrity among buyers and sellers worldwide.

As curator, Pat Saling is guided by a dedication to peerless quality and a singular point of view. Immune to trends, she selects pieces for the excellence of their gems, creativity in design, superlative workmanship and historical significance …Art pieces that will stand the test of time. As she says, “Tastes change, styles come and go, but truly beautiful jewelry has a transcendent quality that endures.”

In 2017, Pat Saling was joined in managing the collection by her son, Parker. Together, they are striving to further its unique aesthetic vision, broaden its range and explore bold, new contemporary designs.

Whether seeking a cherished heirloom, a statement piece or a meaningful gift, clients rely on Pat Saling for her authoritative advice, and look to The Pat Saling Jewel Collection as the paragon of timeless elegance.